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I write about almost everything that happens throughout my lifetime, but I like to focus on the more interesting events of course.

In this blog, you will be able to read about my traveling adventures since I have been to quite a few countries in my life and will still continue to travel in the future!

With the traveling I do, we like to stay at either great hotels, or average hotels that meet our budget. We stayed at many hostels, and bnb places, so I will be posting hotel reviews.

I am a foodie so I write daily about food on Zomato – ForkingFoodie, with my reviews on each restaurant and I definitely post them here for you guys to read, and get to know the cuisines I adore.

Of course, I am obsessed with makeup and beauty so my reviews and stories will be posted here.

Finally, I am starting to get motivated to become healthier since I do eat out A LOT and I will be blogging about my weight loss journey.