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Hello readers! Welcome to a snippet of my life, the part of my life that I am passionate about. I write about almost everything that happens throughout my lifetime, but I like to focus on the more interesting events of course.

You will be able to read about what I eat in the many unique restaurants I head to. I will be ordering the healthy or healthier options at these restaurants so I write daily about these food and beverages options on Zomato, (my handle is ForkingFoodie). Even though I publish my reviews on my Zomato profile, I will definitely post them here for you guys to read as well, where you can get to know the cuisines, dishes, and beverages that I absolutely adore and ones that I dislike also.

Of course, as some of you can already tell through meeting me in person or passing by my social media pages that I am completely obsessed with makeup, fashion, and skincare. I test out new products every month and get treatments done at clinics and spas to keep myself looking great, so these reviews and treatments will be posted under the beauty blogs tab.

Another passion I have is traveling and putting myself through culture shocks! With this, you’ll be reading about my traveling adventures since I have been to quite a few countries in my life, (13 countries so far), and will still continue to travel in the future! I am slowly posting my travel blogs, so check back to read my new destinations! I am currently in Dubai, UAE, where there are so many sight seeing opportunities here, so my blog will be filled with different posts on the interesting places I see here.

Finally, with the traveling that I do, we usually like to stay at either great hotels, or average hotels that meet our budget. We have also stayed at many hostels, bed and breakfast places, and the popular Airbnb, so I will be posting reviews on the ones that are worth mentioning – good or bad.