Why I love food

When I was a little girl, my parents did not have the money to take me to eat out at restaurants. We lived in a small city in Canada, and there were only a few interesting restaurants. My parents would always try their very best to make decent and healthy meals for my sister and I.

As I got older, we basically grew up on McDonalds, which has lead to me being overweight and becoming depressed. This made me turn to food for happiness. After watching the movie, “Supersize Me,” I was more aware of how this huge chain of restaurants could slowly be killing me.

At the age of 18, I began to turn to healthier alternatives and living a more fit lifestyle. I began my journey as a vegetarian, and even though my husband eats meat, I don’t mind taking photographs of it, unless it goes no where near my mouth!!

Being a vegetarian has made me love myself more. I love to explore different food options from all over the world. I fell in love with the beauty and taste of food when I backpacked all over Asia. The different cultures and food styles really opened up my eyes to what each unique dish can bring to my taste buds.

Currently, I have been diagnosed with extreme iron deficiency and I am now only a semi-vegetarian. In my own definition, a semi-vegetarian is someone who chooses to not eat the land animals and mammals, (chicken, cow, pigs, lamb, sheep, sharks, whales, dolphins, etc) but eat the little fishes and other seafood, (salmon, crab, lobster, etc).

Anyways, now I will be spreading the love of food to my blog with some of my amateur photography shots! This makes it easy because I am in a city full of restaurants from all the world, each having their own unique style and culture.


Photo taken at Shangri La hotel in Dubai

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