Why did I move to Dubai, when Canada is a great place? 

Before moving to Dubai, I barely knew anything about the city and always heard from people that it’s a luxury destination where it’s expensive to fly to and live in.

I was always in awe of the fact that there are many man made islands here and I have told myself that this will be the place I will live in someday because it’s beautiful year round, despite the hot summers.

After marrying my husband, we have decided that Edmonton, Canada, wasn’t for us anymore because of the extreme cold temperatures and the snow storms that seem to have last for most of the year. We really only got 2 months of summer (exaggerated, I know, but it felt like that!)

Living in a city that was always cold, with nothing to do, had made me clinically depressed. I only had family to look forward to there, but I just felt so stuck and bored.

I would book vacation packages every year to keep myself sane and I would tell my husband that I never wanted to come back home. Every trip that we have taken, the last day of each, I would get so much anxiety built up because I knew I had to go back home to a place that just didn’t have anything for me.

Lately, I always see people online complaining about how much a city depresses them, and now that I have been here in Dubai, for over a year, it’s safe to say that if you don’t like where you are or your current situation, DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT! Otherwise, you’ll feel that way for a long time and it can lead to all sorts of mental illness in the long run.

I am now mentally and emotionally stable, where I feel like there is hope again. Moving has really changed my perspective, and Dubai is feeling more and more like home everyday.

Burj Al Arab – sailboat hotel

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