The history of my hair, and regrets

My hair has been through a lot over the years since I turned 18.

I had always wanted to change my hair colour when I was a teenager but my mom was telling me how damaging it is, and to keep it the way it is. This made me go behind her back at the age of 15, and got subtle highlights in my hair. I was so happy with the highlights, even though it was barely noticeable. 

After those highlights, I started buying box hair dye, and dying my own hair to make it a little lighter. This is when my mom really noticed, and she lectured me about how she used to have such beautiful thick hair, and how dying and perming her hair has made it thin currently. Of course, I did not care about her opinions at the time and just kept dying my hair.

I started off with random blonde highlights in my hair and I knew nothing about how hair dye works and I demanded that the hairdresser has to make it blonde now! And of course, now I know that it takes time for blonde to show up on natural dark virgin hair!

First blonde highlights or streaks

I was pretty happy at the time with the outcome, but looking back at it now makes me cringe! 

After a few months of the streaks and not maintaining it, it started turning redish orange but I did not care too much about it. 

Later, I decided to dye my hair a full light brown and got bangs. I felt like I looked a lot younger with the bangs and the makeup I did on myself at the time made me look a few years younger.

Brown hair

I kept this hair colour for a few more months until I decided that I was tired of it and wanted something new. So I went over to a nearby salon and asked for a raspberry violet combination. As those were the colours of my contact lenses and I just felt like I needed to be a cartoon character.

Raspberry violet

I actually loved the results and I was over the moon happy with how bright it was. It was unfortunate that I did not know how to maintain colours like this so the colour ended up fading in a couple of days.

The colour faded into a nice-ish red colour and I wanted a new hair style so I got a fringe.


A few more months have passed and I have decided that I wanted really light hair. I was in an argument with my mom during this time and I was barely on speaking terms with my sister so I really had no one close to get advice about my hair and I just decided to buy a bottle of bleach and did the horrible life threatening mistake of my life. I had no self control and I was just thinking, I want light hair!! Boy was it a mistake but I did not think so at the time.


It looked yellow there, but trust me, it was orange and people used to just stare. I thought it was because I looked so good, no! You were wrong young me! So I thought this was the worst that it gets but nope, stupid young me decides to bleach all of the hair a few days later.


Just looking at the above picture makes me facepalm myself and I just feel so embarrassed that I was walking around with yellow hair. I learnt from my cousin who came to visit that I should be toning my hair to make it less yellow. So I started toning my hair but I abused that toning shampoo. My hair started breaking and I literally had very short bunches of hair all over. I had to get extensions to hide all of the damage that I’ve done. This is the moment where my beautiful thick hair turned into stringy and thin hair.

I then went on a hair recovery to make my hair healthy again. I had dyed my hair dark after the mess up there and let it stay dark for a few years.


I have also lost a lot of weight, but we will get into that in another post! The above picture was my hair length from all the breakage that I received from the bleach.


As you can see in the photo my hair looks a lot healthier and that isn’t my real length but the extensions had been a life saver. I let my hair grow naturally without letting it touch any chemicals! And now I have thick and long hair all over again.

In a span of 8 years, I have dyed my hair over and over about 15 times, (this includes the root touch ups with the bleach). I have vowed to myself to never bleach my own hair like that ever again! Until this year..

I just wanted a change, it’s been a couple of years of having dark natural hair that I decided to change it by going light again, but this time I went to see a professional and let them do their magic.


Not bad, and it’s not the bright yellow that I had. So I decided to do more..


I got my hair to be a lighter blonde and added pink to it. In Dubai, this was a little strange to people because pink is out of the norm, but I was walking around like I didn’t care because honestly, I love the colour pink and people need to step out of their comfort zone once in a while.

After the pink, I decided that I love the colour lavender and blue and just loved the mermaid trend. So then this happened..


Mermaid hair

I loved this colour so much and I got so many compliments on it. I was into it for about a month, but then it just got expensive to maintain again, so then I decided to get an ombre colour so I wouldn’t need to touch up the roots all the time. Here is my hair present day:


I love it, and there isn’t much maintenance except for toning it once a week.

So there you go, you got to suffer with me with what my hair has been through and I would have to admit that I do have a problem – I’m addicted to dyeing my hair.

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