Ichikura Restaurant

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Review: Even though this restaurant is located in the food court, the quality of food is well above what you usually expect from the food court. The takoyaki was the highlight of the appetizers as it was made beautifully with actual octopus meat inside. The tofu was nice and firm with a delicious sauce. The gyoza was filled with wonderful meat and it was so juicy! The tempura has a good ratio between the batter and the vegetables and between the shrimp – the taste was good with a nice crisp to them. The ramen that I had was delicious, there is a hint of the nutty taste, which I absolutely enjoyed. The cook on the chicken was perfect for the temperature of the soup. Finally, the green tea cake is stunning in both the presentation of it, as well as the taste. Out of all the flavours of the mochi, my favourite was the coffee one as the taste of the coffee in it was strong.


: 4/5

Order: Adegashi tofu – 15DHS, takoyaki – 28DHS, gyoza – 25DHS, tempura – 30DHS, Hokkaido miso ramen – 35DHS, green tea cake – 18DHS, mochi (strawberry, matcha, mango, and coffee) – 8DHS

Pricing: Decent prices for a food court Japanese style food.

Service: The staff behind the counter was good after I said hello first, I had to approach them first because they did not say hello or acknowledge me with a smile.

Ambiance: Located in the Metro Link part of the IBN buttata mall. The sign was easy to see and the counters were clean.

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