La Aristrocat Restaurant 

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Review: I have never really had Filipino cuisine except for their desserts. I decided to try some popular dishes here and I must say that the tastes and flavours here are weird. I know that I will not be eating chicken liver again anytime soon, it was a horrible texture and the taste was so strange. The chicken dishes that I had were dry here, and not seasoned enough. The pansit palabok was so oily and the chicken skin is just horrible. Filipino cuisine is just not for me as they love to use the worst parts of a chicken for their dishes.

Rating: 3/5

Order: Chicken sisig – 25DHS, chicken barbecue – 34DHS, pansit palabok – 25DHS

Pricing: Cheap.

Service: Food was very quick to come out.

Ambiance: Nice restaurant with modern decor.

La Aristocrat Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

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