Peppermill Restaurant

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Review: Such a beautiful Indian restaurant with high end sophisticated food. The soup here was well made with the jumbo prawns that were cooked beautifully. I loved the curry puff bread that accompanied the soup as it had so much flavour!

The kataifi prawns are definitely something I never had before as it is the chef’s own personal creation. I believe he was inspired by the Arabic kanafa pastry. It was outstanding, the batter was nice and soft and the sauce was just superb. The other dish that I had were the grilled tiger prawns and they were grilled perfectly, it reminded me of my barbecue days back in Canada.

The Chaat platter was nice, the flavours on each one was unique and you can taste the wonderful Indian flavours.

It was interesting to see that one of the items in the mushroom garden dish was fried, it was the enoki mushrooms. It was actually really flavourful and had a potato chip texture. The rest of the mushroom garden was so fresh and cooked wonderfully. The sauce is light on the garden which is perfect because this way it does not take away from the flavours of the mushrooms.  

The lobster curry was fantastic, this is my first curried style lobster and I would have to say that I will be enjoying more of these in the near future. It was cooked perfectly with the meat just coming off the tail beautifully. 

Finally, the dessert finished off my time here nicely. The Pana cotta was my favourite on the platter as it was so rich and creamy. You can taste that hint of Indian spice flavour as well, which just tied it all together well.

Chaat platter

Rating: 5/5

Order: Fattoush Ala indie salad – 26DHS, chicken and saffron soup – 24DHS, prawn shroba soup – 28DHS, mango lasso – 20DHS, peppermill Chaat platter – 55DHS, kataifi prawns – 45DHS, chicken tinka wings – 35DHS, pankhi kebab – 55DHS, the mushroom garden – 45DHS, grilled tiger prawns – 65DHS, manglorean lobster masala – 135DHS, the sweet shop dessert – 55DHS

Pricing: The prices here are amazing and absolutely affordable for the quality and standards of the food here!

Service: I felt welcomed right away as all of the staff members greeted us with warm smiles. The servers were very good at explaining the menu and attending to our table often to make sure our experience was worthwhile. The food came out quickly, which was a huge plus since I was hungry!

Ambiance: Located inside the Dubai Festival City Mall. The entrance to this restaurant was sophisticated and modern. The interior is large and there are a few open rooms with a table for privacy. Loved how there is a theme for the different cities in India through their decor. I got a personal tour of the restaurant with how the name peppermill came in place, and it was basically the master spice of India. Upon entering the restaurant, the entrance is called the, “Darbar,” which is the Indian word for royal court, this dining area was open and beautiful. Then ahead was the long hallway filled with the open rooms, each of these rooms are named after cities in India, starting with Dehli, Bombay, Lucknow, and Calcutta. At the end of the hallway, there is another large dining room filled with Portuguese decor. Finally, there is the Arabic balcony, it is called this because that is where the restaurant exists now – an Arabic country. The blacony has a view restaurant of the waterfront that has a beauriful show every hour.

Waterfront show from the balcony

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