Din Tai Fung Restaurant 

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Review: Din Tai Fung is a very popular Michelin star restaurant in Taiwan, and unfortunately, I did not get to try this restaurant when I was visiting, but I am glad they have it here! I am a huge fan of Xiao long bao, which are Chinese soup dumplings. Did the Xiao long bao impress me at this restaurant? Yes, it definitely did!

Each of the dumplings were made on the spot where their kitchen has a viewing window of the chef’s preparing the delicious soup dumplings for the customers to see a glimpse of the careful craftsmanship of the dumplings. The soup dumplings were firm and when you bite into them the soup bursts out filling your mouth with the delicious flavours of the soup. After the soup, you are contuining to bite into the rest of the dumpling fillings, which is the juicy meat. Overall, I was obsessed with these soup dumplings and I was eating so many of them until the moment I started getting bored of it!

Rating: 5/5

Order: Chicken Xiao long bao – 22DHS, crab & chicken xiao long bao – 36DHS, seafood Xiao long bao – 32DHS, truffle chicken xiao long bao – 15DHS for one.

Pricing: Worthy for the quality of food served here.

Service: Wonderful servers who were quick at getting our orders and the food was out in a good amount of time.

Ambiance: Located in the mall of the Emirates, the restaurant is a good size, even though I feel the tables are a little close to each other.

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