Beef King Chinese Restaurant

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My review for Beef King Chinese Restaurant – I was definitely skeptical of this restaurant because of the name, I do not eat beef, and my husband was insisting that the Chinese food here may be good. Of course it was naive for me to think they would serve just beef, and I noticed on the menu that there were many different types of meat and vegetables served here.

This restaurant focuses on the hotpot cuisine, and there are many different meats, vegetables, seafood, and noodles for the hotpot. There are a few soup flavours to choose from, so you do not need to stick to the plain one, when you can get something spicy or sour, depending on your preference.

I didn’t feel like eating hotpot, so I decided to get some of their kitchen prepared main dishes.

The steamed shrimps were the small regular shrimps and there was not much flavour at all. It was rather plain and the sauces that accompanied it didn’t really meet what I wanted.

The spicy eggplant was nice and firm. I love Chinese style eggplant as the sauces that is cooked with it is tasty.

The mixed seafood was not bad, but at this point, I was wishing I went with the hotpot option, as I could have got more different types of seafood and cook it myself in the soup.

This restaurant deserves a rating of 3.5/5.

I ordered the steamed shrimps for 48DHS, spicy eggplant in pot for 32DHS, and the mixed seafood in pot for 48DHS.

The pricing for the dishes here are average for a typical Chinese restaurant.

The service at my table was good, the staff did not really focus on what I needed because they were focused on the hotpot that my husband was getting.

Finallythe ambience of this restaurant is pretty simple and the restaurant is open with each table having their own stove top for the hotpot. There are also tables for those who are not there for the hotpot menu.

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