Jollibee Restaurant

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My review of Jollibee – I talked to a couple of people who are from the Philippines here who claimed that this is the best fast food place of their lives. I witnessed for myself that there seems to always be a long queue of Filipinos waiting to order their food here. On top of that, they would get almost everything on the menu and more than one of each.

I decided to give this place a try. I ordered the one thing that they recommended to me, which was the spaghetti. They were claiming it is the best spaghetti and that Filipinos always eat it. Well, I did not like it at all. The noodles weren’t al dente, the meatballs was just one hotdog cut into pieces and I had to avoid these meatballs as I realized it was beef, there was such little cheese and very little sauce accompanying the noodles. It was a mess, and on top of that, the taste of it was not good – it was overly salty and the sauce was rancid. 


My crispy chicken sandwich was the biggest disappointment ever. The picture on the menu has lettuce in the sandwich with a big slice of cheese. My sandwich was horribly made. The chicken was dry, and there was way more sauce than there was sandwich.


This food court restaurant deserves a rating of 1.5/5.

I ordered the spaghetti for 15DHS, and the crispy chicken sandwich for 17DHS.

The pricing is cheap here.

The service was good, the staff was quick to ring in order, and food was fast to come out.

Finallythe ambience of this restaurant is a typical counter located in the food court of the Mall of the Emirates. The counters were clean, and the sign was bright and easy to see.

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