Per Te Restaurant 

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My review of Per Te – What an excellent place to stop by for a business lunch. This is the place you will need to head to, to get an affordable 2 or 3 course meal. Whether you are here for a business meeting, or just dining by yourself, the restaurant has beautiful authentic Italian cuisine “per te” or for you in English!

The “fritturina di vendure,” are mixed vegetables coated with crispy batter of rock salt and crushed pepper. I absolutely loved how thin the batter was on the vegetables, so it wasn’t compromising the flavours of the vegetables. The garlic mayo dip was rich in garlic flavour and went well with the vegetables.

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Fritturina di vendure miste

My favourite dish was the risotto, I adore mushroom risotto and this restaurant prepared it so well. The dish was seasoned wonderfully, the mushrooms were fresh, and did I say that I loved it?

Let’s move on to another dish that I need to talk about which was the pizza. When the pizza arrived at the table, the aroma from the dish was so appetizing. I am a lover of pizza, and this one was just perfect. The crush was light and fluffy, and the toppings were delicious. The chicken was nice and thin so it was a great balance between the meat, cheese, and sauce. 

Finally, the best finish to a meal, the dessert. I got the carrot cake and the chef prepared a pana cotta table side for us. The carrot cake was so moist and it was not too sweet. The pana cotta was not boring at all, like most places that serve it plain. The chef prepared the base, toppings, and garnish right in front of us. This pana cotta had saffron ice cream served with it which was interesting and the flavours were strong. The pana cotta was rich and creamy, and the salted caramel drizzled over top of it made it more sweet which is how I like it. 

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Pana cotta

This restaurant deserves a rating of 4.5/5.

I ordered 3 sets of the 3 course business lunch for 79DHS each. The items we had were the buratta con pomodorini, fritturina di vendure miste, insalata di rucola, risotto ai funghi, pizza al pollo piccante, salmon ai profumi di sicilia, filetto di manzo e salsicca, luiguini ai fruitti di mare for 86DHS, torta di carote, and the pana cotta prepared table side.

The pricing is absolutely inexpensive, especially for an authentic Italian 3 meal course!

The service was good as the food came out in an appropriate amount of time. However, the server still needs more training with the little things – such as changing dirty plates in between courses, and keeping an eye on beverage refills.

Finallythe ambience of the restaurant is unique as it was a villa converted to a full restaurant, located in the Jumeirah 1 area. The exterior of the restaurant has a grungy appearance and once you step inside, it became a bright wood furnished restaurant. There is plenty of seating, as this place is huge and there is a second level with a few tables and a terrace available for those who likes to dine outside in the winter. The decor is true to the Italian theme, and it was a very inviting place to be.


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