Momos Magic Restaurant 

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My review of Momos Magic – A food court restaurant that serves healthy steamed dumplings with many flavour options to choose from.

My favourite dumpling was the chilli chicken as the spices in the chicken filling was beautiful. I love how juicy the chicken filling was and how much filling there was in the dumpling.

The prawn and spring onions dumplings were not as flavourful. It was lacking the prawn taste and I was tasting more of the spring onions.

The mushroom cheese corn made the dumpling tasted similar to a perogie, the American style dumplings. It had an interesting texture, but I did not taste the mushroom at all, as the cheese and corn was dominating the taste of this dumpling.

The dumplings here were a decent size, but one order of 6 was not filling for my stomach. Even after 2 orders, I was still a bit famished. It was definitely healthy tasting as there was no oil at all and it was completely steamed.

One order of the mixed momos

This food court restaurant deserves a rating of 3.5/5.

I ordered 2 sets of the momos mix for 17DHS. The flavours are vegetable, mushroom cheese corn, paneer, chicken, chilli chicken, Arabic chicken, and prawn & spring onions.

The pricing is a good for the pizzas and sizes of them.

The service was average as the staff behind the counter were not smiling but they were able to get my order in once I initiated contact.

Finallythe ambience of the food court restaurant is interesting. This place is located inside the Lamcy Plaza with a unique counter and sign that is different from the other food court restaurants .It is a Chinese style booth, with Chinese lanterns hanging above.

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