Don Corleone Restaurant – Dubai

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My review of Don Corleone – Absolutely delicious Italian food is served here. I had the pleasure of visiting this restaurant twice, one for dinner, and the other for their newly introduced Godfather brunch.

Lets talk about my dinner experience first. Each of the items that I had were the best Italian dishes that I had in a while. The tortellini pasta dish that I had was perfect. The filling was tasty, and it was full of meat so you are not just biting into regular pasta.

The melanzane or known as the eggplant parmesan was baked with cheese, which created a wonderful combination. It was made the same way as lasagna, with the eggplant replacing the pasta, creating a nice vegetarian dish to enjoy. The eggplant was baked beautifully, and the texture and taste was on point.

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Now I am going to move onto the brunch portion of the review. The brunch that was offered here was great as there were many Italian food stations. It was set up in a buffet style, with chefs cooking meat, risotto, pasta, and salad right in front of your eyes. I loved the experience as I do love the Godfather book, and it was nice to imagine my life relating to the book while enjoying delicious Italian food.

Each of the items that I had from the buffet were cooked wonderfully and there was so much flavour. I loved the risotto station, as the chef prepared hot risotto for you and then he moved it over to the huge cheese they had, and mixed the rice into the cheese. This made a difference as every bit of rice was coated with the cheese which made it creamy and delicious.

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Risotto station

Another station that I enjoyed from the brunch buffet was the pasta station. There were about 7 different types of pastas ready to be cooked in front of you and 3 sauce choices. I decided to get a mixture of every pasta and chose the pink sauce. I was happy to be eating the tortellini again, as my dinner experience last time with this dish was outstanding.

Finally, I want to mention the meat cooking station, as there was fish, beef, and chicken served. The fish and beef were made often by the chefs at this station, and you can definitely choose your cook on your beef to your liking. I loved the fish and chicken, as they were cooked beautifully, with tasty marinade.

This restaurant deserves a rating of 5/5.

I ordered the tortellini for 75DHS, melorano long drink for 50DHS, melanzane for 42DHS, and the Godfather Brunch starting at 109DHS.

The pricing here is not bad at all for authentic Italian cuisine.

The service was excellent! I loved how each of the servers dressed for the Italian theme, and I love their hats! They were quick to get our order and the food came out in a respected amount of time.

Finallythe ambience of the restaurant has a large dining space with pictures on one wall of some famous Italian people, making the restaurant feel more Italian. Excellent decor and there are a combination of booths and tables with the red and white table cloths that is seen everywhere in Italy. This wonderful restaurant is located in the modern and sophisticated Metropolitan Hotel.

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