Hofbrauhaus Restaurant 

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My review of Hofbrauhaus – I attended this restaurant during their “Maifest,” or Mayfest in English, which is the traditional German celebration for the arrival of the Spring season. In the town center of the JW Marriott Hotel, the restaurant of Hofbrauhaus caters this celebration with live entertainment, authentic German beers, and the traditional keg tapping.

The food that is served here is definitely not for someone who is a vegetarian, as they serve an exposed barbecue pig, or barbecued pork. I dislike pork and seeing this was heartbreaking for me, but it is part of the German cuisine, so I just took a picture and moved on. There is a sausage station of course as it is part of the authentic German cuisine. So for those who love pork, this is the place you’ll have to head to.

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The barbecued pig

I stuck to the salad bar and mashed potatoes part of the buffet as German cuisine is all about their meat, and I do not eat meat except for chicken, so I just stayed away from that side of the buffet. The beet salad, and the cauliflower salad were fresh and they were my favourites out of the choices. Another dish that I enjoyed was the smoked salmon of course, I loved the texture and it was smoked perfectly.

Overall, the food looked appealing, and it was cooked wonderfully by the chef from the Hofbrauhaus restaurant.

Finally, I was having a good time trying out the German bavarian beers that are served here. The HB was my favourite as it was in between the strongest and the weakest and it was easy to drink. The beer was nice and smooth, and it was served on tap from the keg so that was beautiful.

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The food here deserves a rating of 4/5.

I ordered the German Maifest buffet starting at 295DHS.

The pricing is not bad considering that German beer is served here.

The service was excellent at this event, the staff members were dressed up for the traditional German celebration, and they were attentive at getting our drinks orders and clearing our plates.

Finallythe ambience of the event was outstanding. The decor matches closely to how Germany decorates for their Maifest. It felt really authentic as the live entertainment was all in German, and the German consulate was there as well when I attended. The town center of the hotel was huge to host this celebration.

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Live German entertainment

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