Homey Chinese Restaurant 

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My review of Homey Chinese – not sure what the restaurant wants to imply with the “homey” part of their name. I didn’t feel at home at this place, but I guess when I warmed up my takeaway at home and enjoyed it in front of my TV, it felt more homey for me as I was too tired to cook myself a homemade meal.

The food here was not as good, as I found it to be very oily and cooked poorly. The dishes are not authentic Chinese, and the flavours were not there for me to enjoy.

The chicken with Sichuan sauce was extremely oily, I know Sichuan sauce has the oil from the chilli but this was more oily than normal. The chicken was dry, and it just did not taste good.

My stir fried clams was a small portion, and the chilli was overpowering the flavours of the clams. They need to tone down on the chilli sauce for this dish to be better.

Finally, my seafood fried rice was the only enjoyable dish, even though it was lacking seafood. The seasoning on the fried rice was delicious, but I just wished they added more seafood to it, but with the price of the dish, it made sense to have very little seafood.

This restaurant deserves a rating of 3/5.

I ordered the chicken with Sichuan sauce for 36DHS, stir fried clams with chilli for 42DHS, and the seafood fried rice for 24DHS.

The pricing of the food served here was affordable.

The service was pretty slow, and the food took some time to come out.

Finallythe ambience of this restaurant is simple and has Chinese decor all around. It is a big change as I was expecting to walk into a lot of red colours, bit this restaurant decided to go a different route and just brought in Chinese art to display.

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