Why I love makeup

I have been a makeup experimenter since I was 9 years old. Yes, I was one of those sneaky little girls, who snuck into their mom’s makeup and tried lipstick on. I used to get in trouble all the time, but I just love how makeup changed my mom’s looks!

I was never allowed to wear makeup going to school, all the way until the age of 18! I always had to hide a makeup bag in my backpack and applied the makeup early in the morning in the school’s washroom, and then wipe it all away at the end of the day.


 How I did my makeup in high school – thick eyeliner on bottom, lots of mascara, and natural, no filled eyebrows.

So it’s been a few years, (more like 10), and I have been improving on my makeup, and even had a good amount of clients for the business I had in Canada. Now I am a beauty blogger on Instagram – xotina143, with my own little fan base! How exciting it is for me to know that people admire my makeup talent.


 Present day makeup

I will be posting my beauty blogs with picture tutorials, and I will be reviewing beauty products as well, so keep following my beauty blog for new posts to come.

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