Tableya Restaurant 

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My review of Tableya – a restaurant that definitely hits the heart for those who came from India with the ambience and food being evocative to the head chef. The head chef takes traditional Indian street food cuisine and add an Arabic twist to each of his dishes making it absolutely delicious and unique to the palate to enjoy.

The complementary Arabic spices bread was crunchy and I actually really enjoyed it as there was so much flavour in the small bread. The kanafeh starters were savoury and you would have expected them to be sweet since that’s usually how kanafeh is like, but this was made savoury and it was definitely delectable. The presentation of these starters were very unique as it came on a small prop bicycle and the other on what looks like a clothes iron.

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Bread with arabic spices

My favourite dish of the night would have to be the lemongrass Thai chicken with the plantain chips. This was a fusion of Indian and Thai flavours, and it was such a unique combination and the chicken was so juicy. The chips had the Indian flavours to it, so when combined it was wonderful.

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Lemongrass thai chicken with plantain

Another dish that I enjoyed was the butter chicken fatayer which was literally butter chicken stuffed into bread. On the outside the dish looked like it was just some plain buns, but once you bite into the bread, butter chicken bursted out with intense flavours inside my mouth. This was a great way to serve butter chicken as you wouldn’t need to eat it with naan as the bread is already part of the meal!

Now I have to mention the smoked daal that was served here. The daal was slow cooked and smoked so the flavours in this dish was different from the original daal that is served elsewhere. I loved the smoked flavours and it was not oily at all, which was a major win for me.

Finally, my favourite part of the night was the dessert. I absolutely adored the coconut style creme brulee with the raspberry sorbet. The creme brulee was served in a coconut shell and the texture of the creme brulee was spot on. The top was caramelized perfectly and it was rich and creamy. The sorbet that accompanied it was sweet and balanced the richness of the creme brulee.

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Coconut creme brulee

This restaurant deserves a rating of 4/5.

I ordered the new chef’s tasting menu.

The service was not great here as you have to repeat yourself many times to get your order across to the servers. The drinks were made slowly, and we always placed an order for 2, but ended up getting only 1 drink each time! I kept wishing they would fill my water glass each time it was empty but I would have to get their attention for this to happen. Other than the slow drink service, the food came out quick!

The ambience of this restaurant has a street style theme with the unique decor such as the mini garbage bins on the tables symbolizing the streets of the city. The furniture is simple but goes well with the concept.


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