Address Boulevard Iftar Preview

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I have never experienced Iftar before, but I have heard many good things about it at many different restaurants and hotels that have this during the days of Ramadan. 

I had the pleasure of attending my first ever Iftar preview at the beautiful Address Boulevard hotel. The dinner was located in the Address Ballroom, and it was such a lovely venue. 

Upon entering the ballroom, your eyes immediately see the long communal table with 50 seats where the feast will happen. The Iftar here is not the typical buffet style, but instead with a set menu, and it is different because you are eating as a large group celebrating Ramadan together. It definitely felt like I was part of a royal communal dinner. I forgot to take a picture of the whole table setup but you can see the pictures under the #RamadanBoulevard on Instagram.

Part of the communal dinner

The food was made here at the hotel, and it was not bad at all. I know those celebrating Ramadan will enjoy the food during iftar since it was full of flavour, and there are quite a few dishes on the set menu. There were bread baskets spread across the table, with pre dinner snacks such as baklava, dried fruits, dates, and nuts. If that wasn’t enough, there was a huge table dedicated for just the snacks. 

Snacks table

The dinner started off with wonderful Arabic cold mezzeh, that includes the vine leaves, hummus, fatoush, burghul salad, beetroot moutabel, okra bil zait, tomato salad with shankleish cheese and sumac dressing, honey roasted peanuts, halloumi cheese, soup, and walnut salad. All of these starters were appealing and each dish was super fresh. My favourite was the beetroot since I tasted so much of the beetroot flavours and it made my palate excited for the rest of the night.

Beetroot moutabel

Next up was the wonderful main courses which consists of all sorts of different meat dishes along with pulao rice. The dishes were Australian lamb chops, shish kebabs, marinated chicken wings, shrimp charmula, slow cooked lamb stew, and butter chicken. My favourites were the chicken wings and the shrimp charmula. The chicken wings were marinated beautifully and evenly which created a nice cook all around the wing. It was succulent and the flavours had a subtle spice to it which was delicious. The shrimp charmula was divine and I loved how it was grilled. 

Lamb and beef

Finally, there was a large table full of dessert. There were 3 beautiful cakes – mango cheese cake, red velvet cake, and chocolate cake. The mango cheesecake was my favourite out if the 3, but that doesn’t mean that I didn’t enjoy the other 2. The cakes were moist and sweet, and they were definitely beautiful to look at. 

After the cakes, there was a stand full of different flavoured macaroons. I loved the black sesame and pistachio ones the most. The shells on the macaroons were a perfect crunch, and the filling to shell ratio was on point. 

The pistachio cake was so beautiful and it was the highlight of the dessert table as it was made to stand tall and decorated for Ramadan. 

Ramadan cake

There was baklava of course, which was sweet and delicious. Other Arabic desserts was included like the 3esh saraya, qatayef, umm Ali, and kunafa. Each of these desserts were perfect and I honestly kept going back for more. 

Overall, my first iftar experience was outstanding. The Address Boulevard team definitely worked hard to deliver the best. This is where you will need to head to for Iftar, as your stomach will thank you in doing so! 

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