Hostels, Hotels, and BNB

I have traveled to some parts of Canada, the United States, Mexico, Jamaica, and Asia. My goal is to travel all over the world to experience all the cultures. I believe I have visited about 13 countries in total, and that hasn’t even created a dent in the world yet.

With these destinations, I always had to find either the top rated hotels, or the better rating hostels, depending on my budget. When I am in a city for a short amount of time, I will look for the nice looking hotels with decent ratings. However, when I was backpacking in Asia, I was on a budget and stayed at hostels.

I have been noticing bed and breakfast places to stay at, and how many more people offer it now. I sure wished I knew about this when I was traveling around Asia, so I could have experienced the culture in their homes as well. I have started staying at quite a few bed and breakfast places, and my favourite website I use is 

I know that usually the hotels doesn’t matter too much during the vacation time, since most of the time you are out doing activities and exploring the new city you’re in. However, for me, I do feel that the place I stay at is important for my own safety during the night, and I need to be comfortable to be able to sleep well and gain the energy needed to start a new day.

I have seen so many different chains of hotels that offer interesting amenities, packages, excursions, and of course the level of comfort. I found that the hotel reviews from people helped me a lot on which hotel to stay at. I am going to review and give my own opinions and experiences on each hotel that I have stayed at and will be staying at in the future.

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