Kris With A View Restaurant 

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My review of Kris With A View – Had an amazing time attending this beautiful restaurant for their Iftar preview. I was in love with the food, the ambience, and the henna art! This is definitely one of my top recommendations for those celebrating Ramadan and looking for a place for Iftar.

There was a large selection of food that was served here. From Arabic to Indian, and finally to a mix of Asian cuisine. All of the dishes were appealing and the aroma coming from a lot of them were absolutely wonderful.

The salad station of the buffet had an array of fresh choices such as many different types of labneh – herb, spicy, and plain, Thai salad, potato salad, mustard fish salad, and smoked turkey in ginger dressing salad. These were the highlights for me from the salad station, but there were more choices like the olives, other types of cheese, pickled chilli peppers, and lentil chips present on the table that I had no more room in my stomach for.

Salad station

It was great to see an Arabic juice station as part of the buffet so you can easily get beverages to wash down the food without the hassle of waiting for a server to bring it for you. I loved the orange coloured one which was the qamar al din. It was sweet and reminded me of a sweeter iced tea.


Qamar al din juice

Next up were the hot main dishes from the different cuisines I mentioned above. I enjoyed the Indian chicken tikka masala where the chicken was juicy and the flavours was absorbed beautifully from the sauce, making the chicken so tasty.

The vegetarian pad Thai went well with another dish, which was the mapo tofu, and the flavours of each just complimented each other so well. There was obviously no meat in the pad Thai so the tofu was a great replacement.

Hot foods buffet

My favourite of the night was the fish fillet with pomegranate! It was not only the pomegranate juice but there were actual pomegranate seeds with the fish, giving it that extra crunch to balance out the softness of the fish. The acidic flavours of the pomegranate brought out the flavours of the fish fillet. The fish was soft and the meat was just melting in my mouth.

The shawarma station was a nice little set up with the meat being freshly carved each time to make the shawarma. The sauce inside the shawarma wrap was great, and the chicken was not dry at all. However, the falafels were not my favourite as it was too dry and it was lacking flavour. On top of that, the falafels were served in a wrap form as well, with no sauce and it basically became a dry wrap with a dry falafel which made it hard to swallow.

Finally, there was a large dessert section, which was set up beautifully. The Ramadan decor went well with the dessert because of the coordinated colours. The dessert ranged from baklava, kunafa, qatayef, dates, fresh fruits, and cakes. I actually loved all of the dessert options, but the one that I loved a little less was the kunafa as it was lacking the cheese.


This restaurant deserves a rating of 4.5/5.

I ordered the Iftar Preview Buffet.

The service was decent here, but the servers were a little slow at clearing dirty and finished plates off the tables.

The ambience of this restaurant is absolutely lovely with the name of the restaurant saying it all. The restaurant has huge windows and being on the 19th floor of the Park Regis hotel, the view is definitely nice to look at. In the distance you can see downtown Dubai. The decor of this restaurant fitted well with the Ramadan theme, and I just loved seeing the large camels at the entrance.


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