Pinza Restaurant 

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My review of Pinza – is it possible to have the absolute pleasure of eating pizza without all of the guilt and shame afterwards? At Pinza you definitely can! The dough is made out of water, rice, soy, and wheat, making this the healthiest pizza in Dubai and there is no oil involved in the process of baking. The next best thing about this place is the easy delivery, so you can enjoy the guilt free pizzas in the comfort of your office or home.

Let’s start off with the truffle goodness Pinza. As you all may know, I absolutely love the aroma and taste of truffles and this pinza had both of these perfected. The truffle and portobello mushrooms complimented each other nicely, and the mozzarella cheese added the best finishing touches to this pinza.

Half truffle & half pesto pinza

The spizy pinza was something my husband enjoyed even when he doesn’t like spicy foods. He thought this was something he can handle, and the beef was beautifully cooked onto the pizza. I couldn’t eat the beef but I tried the other toppings along with the pinza dough and this pinza was definitely made wonderfully with care.

The pesto pinza is another beef pinza that I ordered for my husband as he does eat meat and my vegetarian pinzas were not enough for him. The pesto flavours were definitely strong and the pine nuts gave the pinza the extra crunch which was great as this place is known for the crunchy textures of their pinza dough.

The tandoori chicken pinza was my favourite as I loved the spicy flavours and the toppings were perfect for my taste buds. The chicken was marinated perfectly and the jalapenos, chutney sauce, and cilantro toppings were a match made in heaven with the tandoori chicken.

Half tandoori & half spizy pinza

Finally, my last pinza that I have to mention is the mother Earth pinza, which was absolutely fresh and perfect for vegetarians. The potato base made the pinza creamy which was a good change from the old fashioned tomato sauce. The zucchini was delicious and the oregano on top made it even better.

The salads that are served here are a huge portion and they are super fresh. My first salad that I had was the burrata salad and the burrata cheese was one of the best that I had. The arugula and roasted peppers went great with the cheese and the tuffle- balsamic dressing was tasty.

Buratta salad

The new chicken protein salad was excellent! I loved how many ingredients were in this salad and it was just a perfect salad for me. This salad had chickpeas, pine nuts, avocado, arugula, and of course pulled chicken. The avocado gave the salad a more creamy taste and the pine nuts added the crunch to the salad to balance out the softness of the whole salad.

This delivery & takeaway restaurant deserves a rating of 5/5.

I ordered the nai hibiscus flower tea for 15DHS, pekoe black tea for 15DHS, white peony tea for 15DHS, truffle goodness Pinza for 50DHS, spizy Pinza for 50DHS, pesto Pinza for 50DHS, tandoori chicken pinza for 50DHS, mother Earth Pinza for 35DHS, yummy burrata salad for 40DHS, and the chicken protein salad for 50DHS.

The pricing of the pinzas here are reasonable, especially when it’s a healthier alternative.

The service that I received here was fast and straight forward.

The ambience of this restaurant is a sophisticated little shop that focuses on deliveries and takeaway.

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