Soulfull Restaurant

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My review of Soulfull – when I see the name of the restaurant, I see it as “so full,” as that was what I felt after finishing my meal here. Usually most healthy foods that I consume doesn’t really satisfy me and I still feel hungry afterwards. But this place was able to deliver healthy foods and make me full too!

The lentil soup was amazing as I do love lentils. Lentils in soup form was perfect and the flavours were all present. It was light, rich, and tasty. The soup made me wished that I ordered the larger size so I could have more of it.

My mixed beans salad was filling, and the salad was just delicious. I loved how it was seaweed for the greens, instead of the traditional lettuce or spinach. The seaweed gave the salad the crunch it needed to balance the softness of the beans. The garlic ginger dressing was perfect.

This restaurant deserves a rating of 4.5/5.

I ordered the lentil soup for 16DHS, and the mixed beans salad for 34DHS.

The pricing of the food here is reasonable, especially for a healthier alternative and the portion sizes are large, so it was definitely worth every fil.

The service that I received here was excellent, and the staff members were great at getting my order and the food arrived quickly. 

The ambience of this restaurant is a small little shop that is simple with green colours all around to coordinate with the healthy food served here. I love the eye-catching giant artichoke art on the wall as this vegetable is their logo.

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