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My review of Barilla – this restaurant was really intriguing to me as I had always purchased this brand of Italian products when I was living in Canada. I was unaware that this company has opened restaurants up in the United States and two restaurants here in Dubai until I got the pleasure of attending a masterclass bloggers event to try out their new menu. The flavours here were definitely authentic and each dish was made to perfection.

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Some Barilla products at the restaurant

My favourite antipasti were the caprese and bruschetta as both of these had the authentic Italian flavours that made them stand out. The caprese had buffalo mozzarella with cherry tomatoes, arugula, and basil. The cheese was soft and delicious, the vegetables were so fresh, and every bite I took was amazing. The bruschetta was soft and crunchy at the same time with the garlic and extra virgin oil just livening up the flavours on the bruschetta, and the tomatoes and basil leaves added beautiful colours on top.



The salad that I liked the most was the pollo ceasare which is also known as chicken ceaser salad. The grilled chicken breast was cooked beautifully, and the flavours on it was outstanding.

The mains that I enjoyed the most were the linguine alle vongole, tortellini Alfredo, and the risotto con pollo e funghi.

The linguine was so good, I love seafood dishes and the seafood flavours were really standing out. The linguine was accompanied with clams, mussels, and octopus. The portion size was huge, and there was a generous amount of seafood.



The tortellini was amazing, and the size of each the tortellini pasta was smaller than what I usually get, but this was a bonus as there was more flavours in each bite with each filling being tightly compacted together. 

Finally, the risotto, I would have to say that every little bit of this dish was appetizing. The chicken and mushrooms were a perfect fit for this creamy risotto.

This restaurant deserves a rating of 4.5/5.

I ordered the tomato pesto bread for 24DHS, rosemary bread for 24DHS, caprese for 36DHS, bruschetta for 36DHS, pollo ceasare for 48DHS, tonno e uova for 48DHS, linguine alle vongole for 58DHS, tortellini alfredo for 46DHS, tricolore pizza for 30DHS, tonno e cipolla for 34DHS, and the risotto con pollo e funghi for 48DHS.

The pricing of the food here is worth it especially for authentic Italian cuisine.

The service that I received was amazing as all of the staff members were very organized and attentive to the table. Plates were cleared quickly, drinks were delivered promptly, and each dish was named out loud by the server so that gave us an idea of what we are eating. 

The ambience of this restaurant is bright with a wooden theme and is focussed on showcasing their wonderful Barilla products when you first enter. The decor was all about the Barilla brand and their amazing pasta. Located in the Festival City Mall, this is one out of two Barilla Restaurants location to open up in Dubai.


Barilla products

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