Taco Decasa Restaurant

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My review of Taco Decasa – even though this restaurant is located in the food court, the food is actually really good and healthier than most of the other Mexican places. I love how everything is fresh here, and the portion sizes are great.

I had most of the items packed for takeaway, and I was so surprised that the crispy chicken taco shells stayed hard on the way home. I ordered other tacos from other places and it would always get soggy once I arrived home. This shows that the staff really understands the food, and is able to pack it appropriately to keep the quality up.


Crispy chicken tacos

My favourites were the chimichanga and the spinach enchiladas. The chimichanga was delicious. I loved the filling and even though this particular item was fried, it was not oily at all.

The spinach enchiladas were so tasty and I loved how there was so much melted cheese on the enchiladas. The spinach was a change from the regular chicken that goes in it. I loved the combination of the cooked spinach with the cheese and tortilla.



This restaurant deserves a rating of 4.5/5.

I ordered the crispy chicken tacos for 20DHS, macho burrito chicken for 35DHS, chimichanga for 40DHS, spinach enchiladas for 30DHS, and the churros for 10DHS.

The pricing of the food here is absolutely inexpensive, everything is affordable and I love how the portion sizes are large.

The service that I received was good here. The staff members behind the counter are approachable and were helpful at addressing any questions that I had.

The ambience of this restaurant is a small food court restaurant located in the IBN Battuta mall in the Jebel Ali village area. The restaurant is located at the end of the metro link area, and it was an easy restaurant to miss but I’m glad that I didn’t miss it.

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