Checkmate Cafe

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My review of Checkmate Cafe – if you love boardgames, billiards, foosball, and video games, this is the place to attend to have competitions with your friends or family for fun. While you’re enjoying the games, there is a great menu full of healthy options so you are not filling yourself up with junk food.

The tasting started off with a bowl of cream of mushroom soup which was definitely creamy and delicious. The flavours of the mushroom was strong, which was what I was hoping it would be like.

The next item that I want to mention was the salad sampler. There were 3 different salads each in individual cups, and the one that stood out the most was the salad with the dynamite prawn. The flavours on the prawn was delicious, and the batter was nice and thin.


Salad sampler

With the chef coming from Canada, he decided to bring a well known flavour from Canada and incorporated it into one of the chicken wing flavours. The flavour was barbecue maple, and the maple really made me remember home in Canada. This flavour was better than the typical barbecue wings, since the extra maple balanced out the barbecue sauce nicely. The other wing flavour that I loved was the chilli lime. It was tasty and the acidity of the lime really brought out the chilli flavours. Biting into the wing excited my taste buds.

Finally, I was a big fan of the chicken slider. The herb chicken was grilled perfectly and it was so juicy. The marinade on the chicken was the right amount, and the avocado and spinach tied it all together wonderfully.

Digital Camera

Sliders with fries and sweet potato fries

Of course I had to try the coffee here since the aroma of it was all over the cafe and it was such a delicious scent. I got the piccolo and it did not disappoint me at all. You could really tell that this cafe uses perfect and freshly roasted coffee beans. This is now my favourite place for coffee.



This cafe deserves a rating of 4.5/5.

I ordered the soft opening tasting menu

The pricing of the food here is affordable.

The service that I received was amazing as each staff member was keeping busy and walking around to make sure every table was doing good. The food came out quickly, and the beverages even quicker. 

The ambience of this cafe is unique in a manner that the whole place is inspired by traditional boardgames. Checkmate Cafe is located inside the Dubai chess and culture club building. The exterior of the cafe went along with the chess theme as the glass was designed to resemble a chess table. The decor is interesting as the dining tables are poker tables, there is a wall of the classic boardgame, “snakes and ladders,” and various types of games all over. I loved the giant chess pieces and mat where you can physically have a match with your opponent. 

Digital Camera

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