Tao Spa Dubai

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Check out the services offered and to book your appointment, head to www.TAOSPA.com.

My review of Tao Spa Dubai – have you ever wanted to just take a break in the middle of a long walk somewhere and just think to yourself, “a foot massage would be good right about now.” I felt this way walking from the Dubai Mall across the metro link, to the Sofitel hotel. For those who live in Dubai, and visit the Dubai mall by metro, you all know what I am talking about. The walk was incredibly far. My leg was so sore and my feet was hurting and the next thing I noticed when I came back to the mall was the express massage service at Tao Spa.

This location only gives reflexology massage treatments, shoulder and backassages, and pedicures. Of course there is a main branch located in the lower level of the mall that offer many other services that you would expect at a spa. The reflexology treatment was amazing though since the walk between mall and the metro was a killer!

Upon entering the spa, the staff members greeted me with a warm smile, and being with my husband, it was nice to know that there is a men’s section of the spa, so he doesn’t have to wait a long time being bored while I get pampered up. For women who want privacy from men, this spa definitely​ takes great care in making sure both genders are comfortable and isolated from one another.

I had the pleasure of enjoying the express reflexology massage treatment here. You feel welcomed immediately as the hostess offered welcome juice drinks which were fresh and refreshing from the long walk. The flavours of these juices were delicious, and I just loved it. With this massage treatment, the massage therapist soaks your legs and feet in a pedicure bath and scrub any dead skin off. This was amazing as my last pedicure was 2 years ago and wow, I forgot the amazing feeling of having smooth skin.


After that, the massage therapist focuses on massaging your legs and feet to release any tention or stress from all of the walking accumulated over time during my stay in Dubai. I didn’t realize how much I needed this until the massage therapist was working her magic on me. My legs instantly felt relief and it was amazing. Along with the reflexology massage, you are sitting on a massage chair that is able to give your back and shoulders a massage while your legs are getting all of the attention.

The massage therapist was putting all of her efforts in making sure the experience was great. She used all of her strength in giving me a deeper massage, which I enjoyed. I really liked how she kept checking in with me to make sure I am still doing alright. This shows that she wants to make sure I am having the best experience of my life.


Overall, I was impressed with the service I received here. My legs and feet instantly felt better and even though she offered to paint my toes nails, I declined as I know that I had somewhere else to attend to, but usually nail polish on the toes would be the next step. So be sure to get that done as there are many well known brands of nail polish located here, some include ciate, opi, and Essie. I definitely recommend this place when you are walking the long walk from the metro to the Dubai mall. Your legs and feet will definitely thank you!


This spa deserves a rating of 5/5.

The treatment that I had was the reflexology foot massage.

The pricing of the services that is offered here ranges from 40DHS to 440DHS, depending on which service and products wanted. I found the prices here to be reasonable and fair.

The service that I received here was over the top. The hostess was approachable and friendly. The registered massage therapist was definitely an expert and kept me comfortable the whole time.  

The ambience of this spa was modern and eye catching. I had the pleasure to attend the Dubai Mall metro link location, and this was the express location. The spa was very clean and cozy. The wood finish all over made it more of a relaxing environment, especially with the warm colours. Walking by this place, you will see the massage chairs are on display purposes only, and the service will actually be done inside, so you are not exposed to everyone walking by.


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