Spice & Ice Restaurant and Lounge

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My review of Spice & Ice – an elegant restaurant that serves beautiful food and beverages. I had the pleasure of attending a bloggers dinner with a new menu to try. The dishes served excelled in both presentation and taste.

I want to start off with the incredible chilli paneer gyoza. The presentation of it was different since dry ice was used and the vapour was dancing around the bamboo basket. The flavours were amazing, the chilli paneer really stood out and the whole dumpling just melted in your mouth.


Chilli paneer gyoza

The puran poli and mango chunda tian was very interesting and made my taste buds lingering for more. This was like a savoury tart pastry, and the flavours of the puran poli was rich and then you are left tasting the tart in your mouth for a while.


Puran poli and mango chunda tian

My favourite dish of the night was the tandoori salmon tikka. The salmon was cooked beautifully, the salmon was so soft and the meat was so juicy. The flavours were very strong and the presentation was very cute.

Moving onto another dish that I want to mention was the beer battered fish and chips. The fish was delicious, and the fries were average tasting. I found the batter to be a little thick and oily, but once I finally got to the fish, it was better.

The dessert that I enjoyed more than the other was the nitro rasmalai. A chef prepared this table side for you, and a lot of dry ice was used. The nitro rasmalai was sweet and creamy. I loved the sauces and the texture was different from regular ice cream, I found it to be more thick, which I really loved.

Digital Camera

Chef preparing the nitro rasmalai tableside

This restaurant deserves a rating of 4/5.

The set menu consists of a mango puri shot, chilli paneer gyoza, puran poli and mango chunda tian, thelpa and masala potato wrap, tandoori salmon tikka, beer battered fish and chips, mushroom masala, haleem fondue, hot dog, prawn mirch masala, stuffed chicken breast with sweet potato and palak gravy, nitro rasmalai, and strawberry and jalapeno ice cream.

The service that I received was wonderful all around. The owner was very friendly and was interacting with guests to make them feel welcomed. The servers were quick and organized at bringing food to the table. 

The ambience of this restaurant and lounge was very elegant. The white colours made the restaurant look sophisticated with the dimmed lighting. The restaurant has TVs playing sports for those who want to come and enjoy the food and watch a game at the same time with the amazing drinks served here.


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