Quattro Ristorante

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My review of Quattro Ristorante – an amazing vegetarian restaurant that serves Mexican and Italian cuisine with a twist. The twist is that the chefs use molecular gastronomy to enchance the presentation of the dishes. Being the only Mexican and Italian restaurant in the Mankhool, the chefs really have that pressure to deliver the best food possible. I found that it was not a problem at all, since everything that I had was perfect.

I want to really talk about the olive and mushroom crostini. I absolutely loved the molecular olive on top of the mushrooms. I have never had olives in molecule form and this really brought out the flavours of it. The flavours were just bursting in my mouth, and the mushroom and crostini that accommodated the olives went so well with one another.

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Olive and mushroom crostini

I was blown away with the fresh guacamole here. I thought that the guacamole would just arrive at the table on a plate with some tortilla chips, but that wasn’t the case here. The guacamole was made table side, from the moment of cutting the avocado in half to mixing in the ingredients together in a bowl. It was nice to see that dry ice was used during this process to add more life to the process.

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Using dry ice as part of the guacamole making process

The final dish that I want to mention is one of the desserts that I had. The chocolate ganache torte dessert was so good. I loved the salted caramel ice cream, it was made perfectly. The cake that came with dessert was overpowering the ice cream but that was probably just me since I was already head over heels for the salted caramel flavours.

Digital Camera

This restaurant deserves a rating of 4.5/5.

I ordered the classic mojito for 23DHS, very berry smoothie for 26DHS, mango smoothie for 26DHS, spiced watermelon cooler for 29DHS, apple basil cooler for 29DHS, passionfruit lemongrass margarita for 29DHS, classic ceaser’s salad for 40DHS, olive and mushroom crostini for 41DHS, fresh guacamole for 41DHS, taquitos for 47DHS, risotto Verde for 53DHS, formaggio di palate for 46DHS, al funghi pizza for 62DHS, enchiladas for 51DHS, tres leches dessert for 55DHS, and the chocolate ganache torte dessert for 53DHS.

The pricing of the dishes here are normal since this place is considered to be an above average dining experience.

The service that I received here was excellent at the beginning, but as the restaurant started to get busy, the service started slowing down a whole lot. 

The ambience of this restaurant is organized and very colour coordinated. I loved the large tree in the middle of the restaurant, and the blue, green, and yellow colours made it look like the outdoors at a nice park. It was like a giant picnic dining area.


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