Morah Restaurant

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My review of Morah – this was a marvelous brunch experience for sure. Not only was the restaurant beautiful to look at, the food and beverages served here was delicious. Loved how the mezze bar and dessert was self serve, while the rest of the food was on the menu where you can easily order for your table.

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I have recently decided to stop eating chicken all together, and many of you know that I haven’t ate much meat like beef and lamb for years now. It was definitely easy to still be able to eat many items here as there was a large variety of food to choose from. I still eat seafood and I was glad to see some seafood options here.

My favourite dishes from the brunch buffet were the tuna, baby gem salad, black cod, trabzon pide, brick pastry spanikopita, turkish manti dumplings, and of course most of the dessert options.

The tuna from the mezze bar was so good. I kept going down to get more as I was just so in love with the flavours. The jalapeno dressing, radish, and avocado went perfectly with the tuna. The squid ink chips were something different that I never had before.

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Tuna from the mezze bar

The brick pastry spanikopita was wonderful. I thought that it may be a little bland since there was not much going into the pita, but once I took a bite, I was surprised that it was actually really flavourful. I loved the spinach, dill, and feta cheese combination.

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Trabzon pride and brick pastry spanikopita

As I am writing this, I am still thinking about the black cod that was served here. I wish I could be eating it at this very moment. The black cod was wrapped in vine leaves and the black cod was cooked beautifully.

Finally, the dessert was beautiful here. I especially loved the baked cheesecake, as it was different from typical cheese cakes that I had in the past.



This restaurant deserves a rating of 5/5.

I ordered the Friday Brunch with alcohol for 350DHS.

The pricing of the brunch here is perfect, especially for a beautiful fine dining place that serves amazing food.

The service that I received was wonderful and they kept the impression of the restaurant great throughout the whole dining experience. Every server was walking around making sure food and drinks are delivered in a quick manner. 

The ambience of this restaurant is so classy and sophisticated. With the best view from the 72nd floor of the JW Marriott Marquis hotel, which is the tallest hotel in the world by the way, the whole restaurant has a perfect seat no matter which part you are at. The decor was elegant all over, I loved how there are beautiful couches you can sit on while enjoying your time here.

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View from our table

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