Gallery Cafe Restaurant – Iftar

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My review of Gallery Cafe – when you see the name, you would think it is just a small cafe serving small meals, but this place was actually huge! I had the pleasure of attending the Iftar buffet and I would have to say that the selection here will not disappoint you. There are many items to enjoy and the flavours were all there.

I had an amazing time enjoying these items from the buffet: cold mezze dishes, vegetable fatayer, harira, malai kofta, gratinated potatoes, penne Alfredo without the meat, and the massive dessert options.

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Meat ready to be grilled station

I could only enjoy the vegetarian and seafood items, but it was nice for the chef to be able to prepare some fish and shrimp for me on the side. There was a raw meat station that I could not enjoy but it is great for those who love meat where you are able to have it cooked on the spot for you.

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What I ate minus the sausages (it was for looks for the pic)

Every dish that I had was full of flavour, and was cooked evenly and perfectly. I thought that the fish stood out the most for me from the buffet. It was seasoned nicely and it was pan fried with the skin being extra crispy.

My favourite part of the dinner was the dessert obviously​, as I loved how there was an even ratio between Arabic and Western dessert to choose from. Finally, I was so happy to see lychee fruit in the buffet, as I haven’t come across them yet for my past iftar experiences.

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Part of the dessert station

This restaurant deserves a rating of 4/5.

I ordered the Iftar buffet experience.

The pricing of the buffet here is wonderful for the choices.

The service that I received here was a little slow, as I believe I only saw a couple of servers around. The dirty and finished plates were lingering on the table for a while, I had to motion for the server to come and take it away. 

The ambience of this restaurant is modern and is decorated nicely. The restaurant is large with many tables around. Located in the Hyatt Place hotel in Al Rigga, the place here really stands out on this road.

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 The Gallery Café Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

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