Sakura Dental Clinic Dubai – Teeth Whitening

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Check out Sakura Dental clinic on their website to get more information: Follow their facebook page: Sakura Medical and Dental Clinic in Dubai, and follow their instagram to see other before and after pictures: @sakuramdc2013egnae.

My review of Sakura Dental Clinic – This is my first whitening experience, and I am grateful to have a chance to stop by this dental clinic to do it. The experience was excellent from the moment I stepped into the clinic to the moment I was looking at my new smile in the mirror. 

I had a quick checkup with the Dr Quabani – who is an amazing dentist here, and she said my teeth was healthy which I was happy to hear. Brushing your teeth three times daily and using my air flosser kept my teeth in good shape!

The laser whitening treatment that I had was very different from the typical UV light whitening procedures done at your local beauty spa. The whitening treatment done here was much more intensive and results were shown immediately. When I got it done at the spa, my teeth barely showed any difference in colour and the spa staff was telling me to go back for more treatment sessions. It was horrible. I prefer now to see a dentist to get whiter teeth.

Dr Quabani made sure I was comfortable the whole time. She was making sure that my lips were protected from the laser and she made sure that my mouth was comfortable with the appropriate mouth guard size. I liked how she stayed in the procedure room the whole time, and was always making sure that I was still okay.


During the treatment, I did not feel any sensitivity which made my experience better, but keep in mind that some patients will feel sensitivity pain. The treatment was quick, and once it was over, I was thinking, “wow that was easy!” Looking at my new teeth in the mirror made me so happy and surprised. I have never had teeth this white before. I was so impressed with the results and I know you will too. If you want instant results, head to Sakura Dental clinic to get it done since I can easily say that this is my new go to dental clinic.


Before (top), after (bottom)

This dentist deserves a rating of 5/5.

The treatment that I had was the laser whitening treatment.

The service that I received here was beyond from what I expected. Usually the dental clinics back home were slow and the staff members would only say hello if you approach the counter and initiate contact first. The receptionist here at Sakura greeted me with a warm smile and was prompt at instructing me to fill out necessary paperwork. Finally, my meet with the dentist went very well. Dr Quabani was wonderful and she was very descriptive at describing the procedure to me and that made me feel comfortable. Her after care instructions were easy to follow and with a simple phone call, I was able to reach her after office hours with questions that I had. 

The ambience of this dental clinic is clean and bright. The Japanese decor was a perfect fit, and the waiting area was large and comfortable. The procedure room was very organized and you can tell that it’s been disinfected and cleaned thoroughly. This dental clinic is located in building 64 in Healthcare City of Dubai.


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