Wolf & Friends Lounge

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My review of Wolf & Friends – you know when a restaurant is amazing is when the owner of the place thrives to give the best possible experience ever. I found that the food here was definitely healthy and at the same time so satisfying. Fresh and organic ingredients are used to make every bite eaten guilt free.

I had the vegetarian and tuna sliders, which were both really delicious. I loved the flavoured buns accompanying the burger, as it added more depth and kick compared to regular buns. The beetroot bun was beautiful in terms of taste and presentation.



I haven’t had escargot or snails since I was about 10 years old when my mom had forced me to try one at the time. I remember it as a negative taste, but it was probably because I was so afraid of it. Now that I am older and understand the dynamics of what snails are, I had to try it again, and chose this place to do so. The snails were marinated perfectly with the butter and herbs, and the snail itself was delicious! Who would have thought snails would taste good, it was almost the same texture as a mushroom, and I actually enjoyed it quite a bit.


Snails with butter and herbs

The potato stuffed with eggs and cheese was so good, that I ate both by myself – talk about a carb overload, but it was well worth it. The eggs and cheese was literally stuffed inside a baked potato, and the texture of each item was wonderful.


Potato stuffed with egg and cheese

Finally, the best dessert that I have had in a while was the banana nutella pistachio pizza. I loved the idea of adding the pistachio nuts instead of the traditional peanuts as it not only added more colour to the pizza, but added that extra flavour to make it so satisfying to enjoy.


Banana nutella pistachio pizza

This restaurant deserves a rating of 5/5.

I ordered the 4 sliders for 45DHS, snails with butter and herbs for 35DHS, potato stuffed with eggs and cheese for 45DHS, and the banana nutella pistachio pizza for 40DHS.

The pricing of the dishes here is worth every fil for the type of food served.

The service was outstanding here. The owner of the restaurant was very involved and you can tell that all of the staff members are well trained. The food came out in a good amount of time, and the drinks were quick to come to quench our thirst from the hot weather outside.

The ambience of Wolf & Friends is breathtaking from the moment you approach the restaurant as there are fresh and organic herbs and vegetables growing in the front of the place inside planters. It was refreshing to see that this place grows their own ingredients for their food. With this, you know that what you’re eating is the best. The interior of the restaurant is very bright, modern, and clean.


Herb and vegetable garden

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