Nom Nom Asia Restaurant 

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My review of Nom Nom Asia – this is an inexpensive restaurant that serves a variety of Thai dishes. I found that some of the flavours were pretty close to the authentic flavours found in Thailand, while some of the other dishes that I had were lacking a lot of the nice authentic flavours.

The seafood glass noodles with prawns was nice for the flavours. I love the hint of fish sauce and the prawns and noodles were fresh. The presentation of the dish was great and even though it looked bland, it was not bland at all.


Seafood glass noodles salad

The stir fried prawns in green spicy curry sauce was not as flavourful as I was hoping it would be. I was hoping to taste more of the green curry, however, the Thai eggplants were a nice surprise, as I love this type of eggplant over the purple eggplant.


Prawns in green curry

The Chiang Mai curry noodles was lacking the strong flavours of the curry as well. Usually, when I have this dish elsewhere, the aroma itself was wonderful, but these noodles were absolutely flavourless.


Chiang Mai curry noodles

My favourite dish was the prawns in Penang coconut curry. The curry had excellent flavours, and I love how I could really taste the coconut along with the spices. I wish there were more prawns though, because there was only 3 total in the whole dish.

Finally, the fried banana rolls were amazing. The presentation of it was nice and the flavours were great. The banana rolls were crispy on the outside and soft and gooey on the inside. The vanilla ice cream that came along with it was good.


Fried banana dessert

This restaurant deserves a rating of 3/5.

I ordered the seafood glass noodle salad for 31DHS, prawns in Thai green spicy curry stir fry for 38DHS, red Penang creamy coconut curry with prawns for 45DHS, sticky rice for 15DHS, Chiang Mai curry noodles with prawns for 39DHS, and the fried banana roll for 25DHS.

The pricing of the dishes here is affordable.

The service was slow when entering the restaurant, no one greeted us until about 3 minutes later. Once we sat down at a table the server did not get our drink orders first, and we sat around for another 5 minutes. Finished plates lingered on our table through out the whole dining experience, and food orders were forgotten.

The ambience of the restaurant is simple and not much of a theme happening. The little pops of orange colour and the wall with pictures helps bring up the ambience of the place.


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