Weslodge Saloon 

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My review of Weslodge Saloon – I really felt like I was back in Canada from the moment I stepped into this restaurant since most of the staff members are from there, to the dishes served here which reminded me of what I ate back home with the famous staple – maple syrup being used in a few of the dishes and even their beverages. Throughout the whole night, I was reminded of past memories of when I used to live in Canada. With the restaurant coming from Toronto, everything was perfect here from the viewpoint of a fellow Canadian.

First I want to talk about the amazing cocktails that our Canadian bartender served us. I absolutely loved his two creations – the Saskatchewan Mule, and The Trudeau. Being Canadian, I was obsessed with these drinks as I could really taste Canada with each sip! The Saskatchewan Mule reminded me of my camping out in the woods and mountains back in Canada. I could taste the pine trees, it was nice! The Trudeau has crown royal with maple syrup, and I absolutely loved the combinations of flavours.


Saskatchewan Mule

Moving onto food, I want to first mention the ahi tuna ceviche. I love ahi tuna, and I haven’t had it for almost over 3 years now, and it was so refreshing to enjoy it again. The tuna was so fresh, and the avocado and celery along with the yuzu sauce made the perfect ceviche. The sesame crackers that came with the ceviche was interesting and complimented the flavours well.


Ahi Tuna ceviche

I was obsessed with the lobster rolls here. I was happy to have found quite a bit of lobster in the sandwich. The lobster was juicy, and the truffle mornay sauce was perfect.


Lobster roll

Poutine is a Canadian dish, and for me to have found it served here at this restaurant made me so excited. The lobster poutine was a great twist from the original poutine. Instead of gravy and cheese, hollandaise sauce and terragon was accompanying the fries. I loved all of the flavours, and it made me feel so close to home.


Lobster poutine

Finally, I was in love with the smores dessert. Going back to what I said earlier about my camping days in Canada, this dessert reminded me of campfires and roasting marshmallows along with making my own smores under he starry night skies. It was nice and sweet, and the presentation was cute.


Smores dessert

This restaurant deserves a rating of 5/5.

I ordered the spiced squash burrata for 80DHS, ahi tuna ceviche for 80DHS, scallop ceviche for 90DHS, lobster roll for 100DHS, lobster poutine for 100DHS, mushroom pie for 140DHS, PB&J dessert for 55DHS, and the smores dessert for 55DHS.

The service was amazing here, even though this is a very busy place, the servers were still attentive to our table, and the food and drinks arrived at our table in a good amount of time. Each server was dressed professionally and classy at the same time, and their personalities were beaming off them wonderfully.

The ambience of the restaurant was absolutely breathtaking with every corner being picture perfect. I loved how there are big windows around the whole restaurant with a view of the city from the 68th floor of the tallest hotel in the world – the JW Marriott Marquis. The decor was very elegant and at the same time rustic with the animal heads and pictures all around, reminding everyone of the weslodge saloon theme.


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