Veri Peri Restaurant 

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My review of Veri Peri – when I heard about this newly opened restaurant, I was beyond excited because there aren’t many Portuguese restaurants in town. I have been obsessed with peri sauce for a while now, and I am glad to have tried the peri sauces offered here. There are 6 peri sauces to choose from and I was in love with all of them!


3/6 bottles of peri sauces

I love trying new flavours, and the peanut butter bean salad was definitely something new for me. The peanut butter made the bean salad creamier, and it went well with the beans.


Peanut butter bean salad

I am glad I went with the veggie alfredo pasta, as it was very delicious. The alfredo sauce was perfect, and the pasta was soft and thin. More mushrooms and greens would have made me happier, as I found that there was a lot more pasta than there were vegetables.

My veggie wrap was great and the lime and coriander sauce gave the wrap a nice boost for flavours. I loved the grilled halloumi as a  replacement for meat. The same goes for my veggie burger, as the veggie patty was amazing and it did not make me miss chicken at all.


Veggie burger


Finally, I finished my lovely dinner with the sizzling brownie with ice cream. It was great to see brownie served this way, the sizzling plate brought out the wonderful aroma of the chocolate brownie. 


Sizzling brownie

This restaurant deserves a rating of 4.5/5.

I ordered the peanut butter bean salad for 20DHS, veggie alfredo pasta for 34DHS, veggie wrap with lime and coriander peri sauce for 29DHS, veggie burger with veri hot peri sauce and extra cheese for 34DHS, sizzling brownie for 32DHS, and the bumblebee juice for 18DHS.

The pricing of the dishes served here is very affordable, and I found it to be so cheap for the quality of food offered here!

The service was amazing here with exceptional servers who were prompt at getting our order. The food came out in a quick manner, and the staff was able to name each dish that came to the table which was nice.

The ambience of the restaurant is very approachable and the warm colours are inviting. I love how modern the whole place is. The decor and furniture is sophisticated which made my dinner experience more enjoyable as this type of ambience isn’t usually found at casual dining settings. The restaurant is located next to Copthorne hotel in the Deira city center area.


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