SFC Plus Restaurant

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My review of SFC Plus – this is a good restaurant to get in a cheat meal with a good variety of fast food options to choose from. Of course, most people who come here would immediately get the fried chicken, but I chose to try out the pizza.

The pizza here was different from what usually pizzas are known for, and the one key thing that stood out was the fluffy and thin crust. I would have to compare the crust to the crust that is found on a pie. I really liked the crust on this pizza, and how it did not overpower the flavours of the toppings. There was a good amount of cheese, and it was a simple pizza overall.


This restaurant deserves a rating of 3/5.

I ordered the medium margherita for 30DHS.

The pricing of the pizza here is not too bad, but the combos would be a better deal of course.

The service was slow through their online delivery. I had to call into the call center twice questioning whether the delivery man got lost or they were just very slow at making my pizza? After an hour and a half later, the pizza finally came to my place.

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