Galito’s Restaurant 

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My review of Galito’s – this is another restaurant that serves their chicken with the infamous peri sauces from Portugal and Africa. I love the peri sauces served at the other well known Portuguese restaurants, but the sauces here were not up to my standards for the texture and flavours. It was not thick enough, and just runny, and I could not taste the star ingredients in each sauce.

The peri-shrooms dish was a bit disappointing as I was expecting it to be more flavourful. The mushrooms had seasoning on it, but it was still not enough. I had to add more sauce that was provided on the table. The bread that came with this dish tasted better than the mushrooms.



My chilli bean salad was not appealing for presentation, I thought it was lacking colour as well, as I expected it to be more red as it is a chilli dish. The beans were cooked nicely, and the flavours were average.


Chilli bean salad

My prawn combotada was the only dish that stood out for me. The tiger prawns were grilled beautifully and seasoned nicely. I loved the sweet potato fries, it was crisp and delicious.


Prawn combotada

Finally, the grilled halloumi wrap was simple for the presentation, but the halloumi was tasty. It was seasoned wonderfully, and grilled perfectly.


Grilled halloumi wrap

This restaurant deserves a rating of 3/5.

I ordered the melon teaser drink for 20DHS, peri-shrooms with extra hot peri sauce for 22DHS, chilli bean salad for 24DHS, prawn combotada with buttered steamed broccoli and sweet potato fries for 169DHS, and the grilled halloumi wrap for 32DHS.

The pricing of the dishes are average but I found the prawn dishes to be a tad bit on the higher side.

The service was good here with nice staff members. The food came out in a good amount of time, but the beverages were a bit slow coming to our table.

The ambience of the restaurant is bright and welcoming but the decor was outdated with outdated colours. This restaurant is located in the food court of Festival City mall, but with with their own seating, so it is an actual restaurant, and not one of the counters where you just order food from.


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