CityWalk Dubai 

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I stumbled upon this beautiful little area while heading to a restaurant to enjoy dinner here. This is an area in Dubai that has a large mall filled with your favourite designers, wonderful restaurants serving different cuisines, a movie theatre, and a large gaming center. 

I didn’t have a chance to visit the theatre, since I was only here for a little bit checking out the graffiti art that is found around the area, then ate dinner, and finally watched the fountain show at the end of the night. 


I love how Dubai embraces graffiti as art here at CityWalk, and while this is not the typical illegal tagging, it is actually done on purpose so it was legal in this aspect. 

The mural on one wall I saw was amazing, as it features some of the well known cartoons such as captain crunch and Tony the Tiger. Most of these cartoon characters were on my favourite cereal boxes, so it was refreshing to see them brought to life on the wall.


Another wall that I saw was the child using a leaf as an umbrella. This was beautiful, especially how the rain is in various colours. In my opinion, this symbolizes a young person seeing life as simple and not taking everything for granted. The rain drops pouring down like a paint and it is colourful, it shows that rain isn’t always gloomy and dark but can be beautiful. Oh and that is my husband posing in the picture, he insisted on being in the picture, maybe he sees himself in that little boy.


Finally I passed by an I love DXB graffiti art piece and this one was really nice to see as it is a picture of a man spray painting the words I love DXB. I personally interpret this as the artist painting a version of himself expressing that he does the graffiti for art purposes and to showcase his love for the city of Dubai. 


At the end of my night here at CityWalk I watched the final fountain show that happens every hour starting from 8pm everyday and ends at 11pm. This was different from the famous Dubai fountains in downtown, as this had a show that goes along with it on screens above the stores and restaurants. Some of the images were projected on the water as well. I liked it a lot as it was a show of a safari with lions, zebras, and other safari animals running around with great roaring audio in the background. It was funny to my husband and I because as we were eating dinner, you could hear the show and it sounded like a movie theatre was right next to us with the loud sounds and bass. This is a cute show to watch and I actually enjoyed the mist coming off the fountain more because I was sweating in the 40 degree weather. 


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