SpiceKlub Restaurant 

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My review of SpiceKlub – I can see why this restaurant has such great success in India, the quality of food here is above average and each dish has a modern twist to it. This restaurant is definitely doing well here in Dubai as it draws in crowds from all over with the delicious flavours each dish offers. Keep in mind that this is a vegetarian restaurant, but once you try the food here, you will not be missing meat at all.


I was in love with the flavours in the chilli palak soup. This soup was basically a cream of spinach soup with added spices. The spinach flavour was strong and the spices were actually pleasant.


Chilli palak soup

I found the masala papad to be a little plain in both presentation and flavours. I was expecting more strong flavours of the masala, I had to add the green chutney on top to make it less bland.


Masala papad

The palak cheese cigars were too oily for my liking, once I surpassed the oily outer batter, the filling was actually not too bad. The melted cheese and vegetable was wonderful and the hidden spices were great.


Palak cheese cigars

I wished the beetroot spheres had more beetroot filled inside as I tasted something else that was not so pleasant for my taste buds. It could have been the vegetables that encased the beetroot, but it was a strange flavour. It was just disappointing as I love beetroot and that was the whole reason why I ordered this dish.


Vegetable and beetroot spheres

Finally, I decided to go with a simple pana cotta dessert because my whole dinner had such heavy flavours. This pana cotta dessert was deconstructed and presented nicely. I loved the berry ice cream accompanying the pana cotta.


Rabdi pana cotta

This restaurant deserves a rating of 4/5.

I ordered the chilli palak soup for 23DHS, masala papad for 14DHS, palak cheese cigars for 37DHS, pani puri for 35DHS, mushroom and spinach shashlik for 36DHS, vegetables and beetroot spheres for 37DHS, malai kofta for 45DHS, and the rabdi pana cotta.

The pricing of the dishes here are very well priced and it is higher than most Indian restaurants in town but it is because the dishes are presented more beautifully with higher quality ingredients.

The service was excellent, our table was assigned with a well trained staff who was able to describe each dish clearly and gave us wonderful recommendations. It was nice to see that in between courses the staff wiped our table clean and changed our dirty plates to brand new ones so flavours were not being mixed.

The ambience of this restaurant was decorated beautifully from ceiling to floor. I loved the kites hanging above, the decorative pillows, and the modern decor.


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