Sakura Restaurant – Crowne Plaza – Dubai

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My review of Sakura – this restaurant was able to satisfy my Japanese cuisine cravings as this place offers outstanding and authentic Japanese dishes. Here at Sakura, you are able to enjoy your dinner at the live cooking teppanyaki stations, or enjoy a buffet sushi bar styled dinner for their Izakaya night. Of course, there is the option to just enjoy a regular Japanese meal as well and order from the a la carte menu.

I loved every single dish that I ordered for dinner. I actually have no negative experiences with any of them and it’s safe to say that this is now my top Japanese restaurant in Dubai to head to.

Not only did I order things off the menu, I was able to get items from the sushi bar for the Izakaya night, which consisted of a mini buffet style sushi bar, hot foods, and dessert, that Sakura was offering for one of their theme nights.


The dobin moshi soup was absolutely delicious and I now prefer this over the miso soup. This soup had so much seafood in it, such as salmon and shrimp and the broth was tasty. I loved the presentation as well, it was presented inside a teapot with tea cups.


The maguro salad was one of my favourites tonight, the maguro was so fresh and the same goes for the avocado and arugula salad. I loved how there was a lot of colour to this dish and the dressing tied all of the flavours together perfectly.


My top favourite dish was the shake kani salad. This was a creamy salmon salad dish and it was just mind-blowing for flavour and presentation. I thought that the salmon was fresh and the added tobiko gave the salad more crunch and texture. It was just an absolutely beautiful dish.


Finally, I want to mention the amazing dragon roll that I had. This roll consisted of shrimp tempura, eel, and avocado with fish roe or what I like to call it – tobiko. This roll was presented like a dragon and the roll was tasty for sure. I loved the grilled eel with the avocado, it was such a wonderful combination.


This restaurant deserves a rating of 5/5.

I ordered the dobin moshi soup for 47DHS, maguro salad for 64DHS, shake kani salad for 60DHS, ebi tempura for 79DHS, chirashi don for 109DHS, 6 pieces tuna sashimi for 44DHS, 6 pieces salmon sashimi for 44DHS, 6 pieces octopus sashimi for 40DHS, and the dragon roll for 72DHS.

The pricing of the dishes here are normal for authentic Japanese cuisine.

The service that I recieved here was excellent with our server being very attentive and was well trained. The manager was also so friendly who made sure our dinner experience was going perfectly. The food and beverages came out at a good pace.

The ambience was inviting with great Japanese decor all around. There are three seating sections in the restaurant – a teppanyaki area where chefs perform a cooking show, private tatami rooms area where up to 16 people can be seated and you are able to wear the kimonos to feel like you are dining in Japan, and a regular dining area for those who just want a regular Japanese dinner. This restaurant is located inside the Crowne Plaza hotel on Sheikh Zayed road.


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