Smoqoholic Restaurant – Dubai

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My review of Smoqoholic – this newly opened seafood restaurant that offers a unique one of a kind shisha experience is the place to go to when you want a dinner night out. With the beautiful colourful ambience and high end decor, I just couldn’t believe how affordable the prices of the dishes were here.

The shishas here are definitely something to try as no charcoal or tin foil is involved. The owners of the restaurant has invented a new and improved hookah that maximizes flavour and provides a way better experience without the hint of burnt flavours that happens like the traditional hookah gives.


Not only was the shisha enjoyable, the food was outstanding here as well. The presentation of each dish beautiful and the flavours were amazing.

The green island dish was beautiful in presentation and I picked shrimp as the protein, the shrimp was breaded and was sitting on a bed of creamy vegetables. This was a great start to the meal with it being refreshing and delicious.


Green island

I was very impressed with the seabass drunken dish as the flavours were really unique. I couldn’t believe this was a fish dish since the way it was prepared made it taste like mushrooms. I actually really loved it this way.


Seabass drunken

The chef mo lobster was absolutely wonderful. This was a beautiful dish and the flavours were amazing. There was a lot of lobster meat and the way it was prepared was perfect. I loved how it was wok fried with the different vegetables.


Chef mo lobster

Finally, finishing off dinner with the dessert served here was bittersweet. I was amazed with the many different flavours that each dessert offers. I could really tell that the chef has put a lot of effort into combining different flavours together to make something so wonderful.


Ginger and yogurt semifredo

This restaurant deserves a rating of 4.5/5.

I ordered the green island for 15DHS, seabass drunken for 34DHS, fish pizza obsession for 20DHS, shrimps kofta tacos for 28DHS, chef mo lobster for 140DHS, devil island dessert for 28DHS, ginger and yogurt semifredo dessert for 22DHS, velvet sealand drink for 18DHS, and the watermelon shisha. 

The pricing of the dishes here are so cheap, I couldn’t believe it! Especially for a place that serves amazing seafood, I was very impressed with the prices.

The service that I recieved here was excellent with well trained staff members who took care of you each step of the way. The food came out at a steady pace and the beverages arrived at the table a little slower. 

The ambience was absolutely luxurious with high end imported decor and the warm led lights that changes every minute added that extra energenic vibe. It was nice to see tvs at each booth playing sports so you basically have a huge tv to yourself while you are enjoying your meal or shisha.


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