Peppercrab – Dubai

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Check out the restaurant’s website here for more info: Peppercrab Restaurant in Grand Hyatt hotel

My review of Peppercrab – this restaurant is now my favourite place to get fresh and delicious tasting crab. Not only was the crab amazing here, but everything that I had for dinner, was absolutely perfect. I loved the Asian flavours that was present in each dish, and how authentic it was comparing to the time I was in Singapore. 

I was blown away by the salt and pepper calamari here. It is a different texture than the ones you get elsewhere. The batter was thin, with a good ratio between the calamari and batter. The batter was seasoned perfectly and I was happy to see that it was not oily.


The seafood soup here was one of the best soups that I had in a while. The soup was thick and from a first glance of it, I thought it wouldn’t be as flavourful because it was so clear in colour. This soup was actually full of flavour and each sip of it was delicious. 


My favourite dish was the black pepper mud crab. Crab is one of my favourite seafood dishes everywhere, but the one served here was the best one period. The crabs are alive all the way until they are cooked, so it was fresh and juicy. I was ecstatic with the amount of meat there was, and the black pepper sauce was just outstanding.


It was nice to see a whole seabass on a plate as usually I get only a part of it. The seabass was juicy and the meat was just melting in my mouth.


Finally, I want to mention the wok fried kailan, this is an Asian delicacy and I must say that the chefs nailed the cook on the vegetables. It was crunchy and the sauce was yummy.


This restaurant deserves a rating of 5/5.

I ordered the salt & pepper calamari for 55DHS, seafood soup for 50DHS, black pepper crab, grilled king prawns for 70DHS, whole seabass, wok fried kailan, seafood fried rice for 60DHS, and the Singapore sweets for dessert. 

The pricing of the dishes here are reasonable for a fine dining restaurant.

The service was warm and friendly from all of the staff members. I got a very good first impression of the hostess who greeted me with a huge smile and was very polite. I had the pleasure of meeting the restaurant manager who was a very good host, as well as the f&b manager who kept us entertained and happy throughout the dinner.

The ambience of this restaurant was warm and inviting, and is located inside the beautiful Grand Hyatt Hotel in the Umm Hurair area. It was nice to be able to see the kitchen through a glass window showcasing the wonderfully trained chefs at work. 

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