Foreo Luna Mini 2

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Check out the products on Foreo’s Instagram: @foreo_mea, and don’t forget to stop by the Foreo booth at the Dubai Duty Free when traveling this summer! 

This is an excellent tool to add to my skincare routine. I have always used my hands to cleanse my face and I know this is not effective in removing all of the dirt and makeup from face, but I just never really got around to finding a good tool to help with this.



I was glad to find out about the Foreo Luna mini 2, as it’s portable and travel friendly. I love how it has a rechargeable battery that you can charge using a usb cable, instead of those bulky power adapters that some cleansing tools have. 


The Foreo Luna has different pulsing levels to remove all of the dirt and oil away without any harsh scrubbing. This is great as the device will pause after every 15 seconds indicating that it’s time to move to a different part of the face. The device will then pause 3 times indicating that one minute has passed by and cleansing of the skin is finished. 


How do I use the device? If I’m wearing a full face of makeup, I remove all of that off with a gentle wipe. After that I use my favourite cleanser and wet the Foreo device. I start on my forehead and work my way down. I use the second intensity level and I love how there are 3 different brush zones so I can get into every part of my face. 

The benefits? The device is fully waterproof so I can use it in the shower. I don’t need to scrub my face with my hands anymore. It is small and lightweight, so it makes the cleansing process quick and simple. The pulsations are great for waking both me and my skin up during early mornings. Finally, my skin feels soft, and so clean afterwards! 


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