Benjarong – Dubai

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My review of Benjarong – I am obsessed with authentic Thai restaurants serving delicious and wonderfully fragrant dishes. Benjarong is now on my favourite Thai restaurants list for Dubai and Canada. My parents are from Cambodia, so the flavours of the dishes are so similar since we are neighbours and all of the dishes that I had for dinner was a great reminder of where my ancestors came from.

The tom yum po taek, (seafood soup), was a dish that hit me with a feeling that felt so close to home. The aroma that the soup gave off reminded me of the soup that my mom used to make me when I was living with her in Canada. The flavours of the soup was delicious and the flavours were very strong which was great.


Next dish that was wonderful was the gaeng phed, also known as the red curry. You are able the choose which protein you want with the curry, and I chose the prawns. The flavours were impressive as the curry was filled with delicious Thai curry flavours. It was not too spicy and I could honestly drink the curry itself as it was that good!


The gaam pu phad pong karee, (stir fried crab), was not bad at all. The seasoning was perfect, the only thing was that it was all crab claws with very little crab meat to enjoy. I wished there could have been more crab meat to absorb more of the flavours put into the dish.


I always order the phad Thai at every Thai restaurant that I am at because this is the well known dish that I am used to enjoying. The phad Thai was definitely unforgettable here. The noodles were seasoned perfectly and after each bite, I was wanting more so it’s safe to say that this is now one of my favourite phad Thai dishes in Dubai.


Finally, I got a different Thai dessert than the usual ones that I get everywhere else and it was the taco saku. And no – that’s not the taco you’re thinking of! This dessert is flavoured sago screwpine with coconut cream. The coconut cream was not too strong which was great and the sago was rich. This dessert was a perfect sweet, which I like as too sweet desserts are not my thing.


This restaurant deserves a rating of 4.5/5.

I ordered the tom yum po taek for 65DHS, gaeng phed red curry with prawns for 115DHS, gaam pu phad pong karee for 129DHS, goong chow praya for 145DHS, goong mungkorn benjarong for 259DHS, prawn phad Thai for 82DHS, ice cream kra-ti for 38DHS, and the taco saku for 38DHS.

The pricing of the dishes here are what you would expect to find at an authentic Thai restaurant.

The service was a bit slow for me, and I noticed the same with the surrounding tables. It was a quiet night in the restaurant, and I was a little disappointed to see that the beverages took a long time to arrive to the table. The food came out just as slow, which was odd because like I said before because it was a quiet night. Once the server found their momentum, the night progressed into a better night with our plates cleared and table wiped down after each course.

The ambience was very much into the Thai scene as there were the Thai Buddha’s in front and the waiting area filled with gorgeous Thai decor. The dining area was inviting and I loved the windows overlooking part of the Sheikh Zayed road. This restaurant is located on the 24th floor of the Dusit Thani Hotel. It was great to see live Thai entertainment that includes the traditional piano and traditional Thai dancing.


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