Scared of Tomorrow

I found out that both of my grandmas got sick recently and both got admitted to the hospital. This is so hard for me to deal with because I am currently living on the other side of the world and cannot travel back just yet.

I am so sad and everyday I am forced to smile but I am just not feeling it. I am worried that the worst may happen. Most of all, I just wish I could be there for my parents because I can imagine what they are going through.

I am scared of tomorrow because what if I hear bad news. I feel guilty to be sitting here and not be able to be by their sides. My grandmas are so close to me and it breaks my heart to know that they cannot enjoy their lives at the moment. Instead, they are fighting for the lives.

The only thing that I can do is pray, I have been praying more than 10 times a day and I hope to be able to visit before it’s too late. Once I get that chance, I am on the next flight there.

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