Jodhpur – Dubai

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My review of Jodhpur – a beautiful royal fine dining experience that serves delicious Indian cuisine. The dishes here have a modern take to it, so you are still getting the Indian flavours but the chef has changed the style and presentation to keep up with society’s view of culinary fine dining. I had the opportunity to taste the new menu and I was not disappointed at all.

The two pre-meal starters that I had were delicious. I loved the ‘jeera khari,’ which is a pastry puff, I am glad to see it here as it is harder to find in most Indian restaurants in town. The pastry puff was so fluffy, and not oily at all. The herb yogurt dip was perfect for this.  The second pre-starter that blew me away was the ‘macaron chaat,’ which are savoury macarons. I never had macaroons this way, it was nice to bite into the macaroon and taste the delicious chaat.


Macaron chaat

I was amazed with the beautiful presentation of the potato wool chaat as it was simple but appealing. The potatoes were made to look like wool which was impressive and the dish was tasty as well with the wonderful chaat. 


The nimbu jhinga was another dish that is worth mentioning. It is a tiger prawn dish that is marinated with lemon pickle and this gave the prawn meat a delicious taste to it. The shrimp was so juicy and was cooked so perfectly. 


My favourite starter dish of the night was the salmon dil tikka. The salmon was made perfectly and I loved how juicy the protein was. The dill tikka marinade was divine and every bite of the salmon was so good.


The king scallops served at this restaurant were made to perfection. The scallops had the perfect sear on each of them plus it was seasoned beautifully.


A main dish that I enjoyed for dinner was the butter lobster, which comes with a side of gravy sauce where you can control the amount poured in. The lobster was definitely delicious with the gravy sauce bringing out more flavours for the lobster.


Finally, the last dish I thought was worth mentioning was the chefs dessert platter. This is a great idea for those who cannot decide on which dessert they would like and it’s great for sharing. The presentation of the platter was unique and each dessert looked scrumptious. My favourites on the platter were the creme brulee and the mango cheesecake.


This restaurant deserves a rating of 5/5.

I ordered the potato wool chaat for 50DHS, prawn kolivada for 140DHS, nimbu jhinga for 150DHS, salmon dil tikka for 135DHS, king scallops for 125DHS, paneer tikka masala for 125DHS, butter lobster for 180DHS, and the chefs dessert platter.

The pricing is excellent, especially for the quality of food that is served here.

The service was absolutely wonderful. Each of the servers were very attentive to our table. I appreciated the fact that the executive chef came out to see how we were liking the food, and was very interested in hearing our comments.

The ambience of the restaurant was beautiful, with that royal atmosphere from ceiling to floor. The decor was sophisticated and matched the colours of the old city, “Jodhpur,” which is known as the blue city.


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