Baydar – Dubai

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My review of Baydar – this restaurant offers a wonderful selection of authentic Lebanese dishes with a simple menu. I was always fond of the bite sized items at these Lebanese restaurants because I am able to enjoy more flavours rather than sticking to just one main course.

The hummus served here was creamy and rich. I was able to dip everything that I had into the hummus because it was just that delicious.

The rocca zaatar salad that I had was fresh and the vinaigrette dressing on it was light and perfect.

I thought that the spinach fatayer was wonderful, even though I enjoyed the spinach filling more than the fried fatayer, this is only because I do not enjoy fried foods as much.

My favourite dish was the cheese rekak or the cheese rolls, this is my favourite type of fried rolls that I enjoy eating. The amount of cheese in these rolls were perfect.

Finally, I was happy with the falafel sandwich here. The falafel was not dry at all which was a problem for many places that I had it at. The sauce was light and not overpowering the falafels at all, which was even better.

This restaurant deserves a rating of 4.5/5.

I ordered the hummus for 18DHS, rocca zaatar for 20DHS, spinach fatayer for 16DHS, cheese rekak for 16DHS, and the falafel sandwich for 8DHS.

The pricing of the dishes here are inexpensive and definitely pocket friendly.

The service was superb from the moment we entered the restaurant. I was happy that our server was able to explain the dishes as I forgot what some of them meant since the dishes goes by the arabic name. The beverages were a bit slow to come to our table, but the food arrived quickly.

The ambience of the restaurant was simple and modern with enough seats for the food court setting. This restaurant is located in the Al Barsha Mall being close to the kids entertainment area so this is a good place to stop by for a break.

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