Garrett Gold Popcorn – Dubai

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My review of Garrett Gold – Looking for a sweet gifting option for Eid? This beautiful little kiosk serves sweet bonbons and popcorn bars using the gourmet Garrett popcorn. While you’re here, you might as well enjoy their wonderful coffees from RAW.

The Eid gift special treats contained 6 popcorn bonbons of various flavours. The flavours include 3 Garrett caramel crisp popcorns each covered with white chocolate with pistachio, milk chocolate with pistachio, dark chocolate with pistachio, white chocolate with pecan, milk chocolate wirh pecan, and dark chocolate with pecan. Each of the popcorn bonbons were delicious and sweet. The set was wrapped nicely with a clear box and white bow.


The flat white coffee was near perfect and I asked for it without sugar. The foam was decorated nicely with a heart and the taste of this coffee was great for me.


This kiosk deserves a rating of 4.5/5.

I ordered the Eid gift special and the flat white coffee. 

The pricing of the items served here are a better deal once you buy them in gift boxes rather than buying them individually.

The service was wonderful, with the staff members at the kiosk looking motivated and ready to serve you. The coffee was made quickly and the gift sets are ready to go. There was a little bit of a miscommunication, but it was settled immediately.

The ambience of this kiosk was eye catching with all of the gold colours. I thought it looked elegant and everything was organized nicely. There is one table to sit at to enjoy a quick coffee, but most people would just come to quickly buy the items and leave.


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