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My review of S’wichI thought this place was another regular sandwich shop. However, when I received my order to the moment it went into my mouth, I realized that they aren’t regular sandwiches. I believe the S before the name “wich” in this case, is for shawarma. The food that I got here were higher end gourmet shawarmas.

I love the vegetarian shawarmas served here over the cheaper ones around town because first, it isn’t oily, and second, the fillings are much healthier, made out of organic ingredients. I would rather spend my money here, than saving the difference and putting unhealthy and oily shawarmas from other places in town in my body.

The portobello mushroom s’wich was delicious and the sauce and filling in this s’wich was wonderful. The saj is made in house daily, to ensure freshness and quality. I was impressed with how big the s’wich was and it was definitely better looking than the cheaper shawarmas that my husband has ate before.


The quinoa fattoush salad was a great size for a snack since I got the small. The quinoa was cooked perfectly and the olive oil vinaigrette dressing was light and went so well with the salad.


The two gourmet fries that I had were interesting and it was a big change over the chilli fries that I am used to having elsewhere. The toppings and sauce on the fries were great. I enjoyed the chipotle fries a whole lot because the flavours were outstanding. I loved how the fries were seasoned with paprika and the corn and spring onions were a nice touch.


Finally, I saved the best for last – the beetroot dip! The beetroot dip here was noticeably elevated from the regular hummus or beetroot sauces that I had before. The dip was just bursting with strong beetroot flavours and the labneh made it so creamy and smooth.


This restaurant deserves a rating of 4.5/5.

I ordered the portobello mushroom s’wich for 25DHS, my own customized s’wich with whole wheat saj, portobello mushrooms, my favourite fillings, and truffle sauce with sriracha sauce for 25DHS, quinoa fattoush salad for 18DHS, gourmet chipotle fries for 23DHS, gourmet spicy green fries for 23DHS, and the beetroot dip for 18DHS.

The pricing of the dishes here are inexpensive for a healthier alternative.

The service that I received here was wonderful with a shop full of extremely friendly staff, who was patient and able to make my s’wiches and the rest of my dishes quickly.

The ambience of this shop was simple and had a few tables available for dining in. This nice and clean restaurant is located in building 7 of Bay Square, in the beautiful Business Bay area.


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