Tangerine Restaurant – Dubai

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My review of Tangerine – I am a person who absolutely loves Asian cuisine, and I am always on the hunt for authentic flavours around town.

The flavours at this restaurant, however, was average and I wished that there could have been less breaded or fried items on the menu. I had ordered many stir fried fish and prawn dishes thinking that I would see the beautiful meat just soaking up the sauces, but instead, I saw a lot of batter. The description of the dishes did not say the meat would be breaded so it was misleading.

The wasabi prawns were one of the better dishes that I had for the night, where the prawns were lightly breaded and the wasabi sauce was delicious. I got the small order that came with 2 large prawns.


The seafood moneybags was not too bad but I only liked the part where the seafood was. The rest of it was just a long piece of batter, it could have been trimmed smaller like the moneybags I enjoy elsewhere because I could not eat just batter alone like that.


When I saw the Singapore chili prawns on the menu, I had no idea that it would come being all covered in breading. I would have liked it with just the prawns being prepared without any breading and have it stir fried in the beautiful and rich sauce.


The Szechuan fish was again, breaded, but once I got past the breading, the fish itself was tasty. The sauce and stir fried vegetables that came along with the dish was flavourful.


The black pepper squid was my favourite dish as the squid had no breading on it and it was cooked perfectly. The black pepper sauce was vibrant and strong, which made the dish as a whole delicious.


The pad Thai noodles that I had was overcooked and dry. I didn’t taste any of the sauces that makes pad Thai noodles so great. I always order the pad Thai at every Thai restaurant that I head to, and this restaurant needs to improve it by adding more sauce and cooking the noodles better so it can be soft and moist.


Finally, I want to mention the Asian dessert that I loved back in Asia and my favourite restaurants in town. How was it here? The manager brought the dessert out to the table and said that the mangoes are not ready and is sour. I was so disappointed to hear this as this is a sweet dish, and I have never had sour mangoes with coconut and sticky rice. I did not enjoy the dessert at all.


This restaurant deserves a rating of 3/5.

I ordered the wasabi prawns for 20DHS, seafood moneybags for 28DHS, singapore chili prawns for 58DHS, Szechuan fish for 48DHS, black pepper squid for 37DHS, fish Malaysian curry for 42DHS, prawn pad Thai noodles for 42DHS, and the mango with sticky rice dessert for 26DHS.

The pricing of the dishes served here are pretty good for the portion sizes.

The service was good where we were greeted right away when we approached the restaurant. It was just us in the whole restaurant so the food came out quickly.

The ambience of this restaurant was bright and bold with Thai decor all around. The orange walls gave the restaurant a more energetic vibe. This restaurant is located inside Bay Avenue.


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